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25 Years Of Commitment To Independent Repair Shops
Saving you Time and Money

Ramac Industries has been servicing the needs of independent repair shops for over 25 years. With a keen emphasis on repair shops who specialize in BMW, MINI, SAAB and Volvo automobiles, Ramac provides the widest coverage of OEM replacement parts.

Innovation, Quailty Parts, Training, Tools and Technology

Ramac Industries partners with repair shops by providing Independent Repair Shop Summits, OEM tools, and shop management information. Together with our industry partners Ramac provides an array of unsurpassed technology, marketing assistance and shop management software.

Comprehensive Line Of The Highest Quality OEM Parts and Supplies


Providing OEM Auto Parts, Shop Supplies, and Shop Tools for AUDI®, BMW®, MINI®, Saab®, VOLVO®, VW® and More! Free shipping, great service and product knowledge since 1987!

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