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Volvo Production Begins At First US Factory

Speaking of the new 2019 Volvo s60, Jeff Moore, Vice President Manufacturing, Americas said: "We're proud to launch Volvo's first American-made car, our team is dedicated to delivering the exceptional craftsmanship, Scandinavian design and dynamic feel that defines the Volvo brand."

Hey Its 2019 - Where's My Flying Car Already

As I recall, by this time we were all supposed to have flying cars. Well this year at CES (Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas) you can Meet George Jetson. Its now a reality.

ICONIC BMW Kidney Grill Getting A Facelift

Check out the new grill works that BMW is showcasing at CES 2019.

Volvo Sets Global Sales Record

Fueling this growth was strong US growth of 20%. Volvo now is at nearly 100k cars sold in the US. At the current pace and with the opening of the additional capacity of the US production facility, Volvo should be able to hit some all time US sales records in 2019. Here is the breakdown by model for Volvo car sales in the US.

MINI To Offer EV In 2019

The new Cooper S E should become available in the second half of this year. It will look like a Cooper S and be available in the 3 door hatchback to begin with. Anticipated range is should approach the new industry standard of 300 miles.

Geely reveals FY11 SUV, its first vehicle built on the Volvo Geely-designed platform

A couple of years ago, Geely and Volvo announced they were collaborating on a new platform to underpin vehicles to be built by both brands. Parent company Geely has officially released photos of what it made with these jointly-developed underpinnings: the FY11. Yes, we're sure you're as inspired by that name as we are. Anyway, the FY11 appears to be one of those coupe SUV things that are so popular nowadays. Like a lot of other Chinese vehicles, this one looks like a knockoff of a popular car that already exists. The one we're thinking of here is the Mercedes GLE Coupe. Sure the front and rear end design differentiates it from the Merc, but the profile and everything else is scarily similar. The direct frontal view and quad tailpipes are probably the most distinctive styling points on the vehicle. As of now, the only Volvo riding on the company's new CMA (compact modular architecture) is the new XC40. By eyeballing the Geely, we get a glimpse of the architecture's scalability in practice the Geely appears much longer than the XC40. But why should we care about the Geely now? Well, presently we don't have to. Geely does have plans to bring a range of vehicles to the U.S. and Europe one day, though. How long we'll have to wait for such an occurrence is anyone's guess. The Geely FY11 will be fitted with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, making 235 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. This figure isn't disappointing, but not particularly sporty either. Both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive will be available to begin with. That's all the information we have for now, and no interior photos were provided. Geely says details like these will be available "in the near future."

Volvo Repair Shops - The Future Is Looking Brighter

Volvo has made a remarkable rebound since 2010. Did you realize that Volvo car sales in the US are up 82% since 2010? This will translate into increased car counts as these Volvos age into your sweet spot. Happy 2019!


Shop Essentials

A New Way To Buy Shop Supplies

All of your shop supplies are in one place ... awesome time and money saver. Now you never have to hunt down the contact info for the last supplier you got floor mats or fuses from! This month we are offering a $50 coupon for any shop who purchases over $500 in shop supplies!

Spoil Your Techs

We have the most hand-friendly tech hand soap available. Try out our wet-dry, no-rinse, non-caustic formulation. We brought this product over from the largest manufacturer of medical hand soap. Imagine how many times per day doctors and other medical professionals wash their hands. We asked our manufacturer to come up with a formulation that would work in the tougher, grimier shop environment. Here is what users are saying.



January and February Shop Supplies Promo

Order $500 worth of shop supplies and receive a $50 coupon. It doesn't have to be on one order, we will tally it up by the end of the month. If you order double, we will give you two coupons...

Repair Shop

Winner Of Harley Contest Announced

Out of thousands of online and handwritten entries, the grand prize entry belonged to Christopher Roth of CR's Motor Car Co. Inc of Newville, Pennsylvania.



Do You Ever Wonder Why You Lose Customers?

Here are the top 5 reasons cited for why a customer will change loyalty.


v70 and xc70 With Automatic Tailgate Lift

The update part for the tailgate lift is a spring and a shock on the right side. The upgraded partnumber includes both. Volvo part #31217640. When your customer complains that the lift goes up and then drops a little this is the fix. If you need the left side its just a shock # 31335795

Volvo VIDA Subscription Alert

If you are having difficulties ordering a Volvo VIDA subscription from, please check your browser. It appears that the bookstore order processing center is ONLY supporting Windows Explorer 11 or later.


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