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Ramac Industries, Inc. Terms Of Use

This Acceptable Use Policy and User Agreement (the Agreement) is entered into between you (the User) and Ramac Industries, a Nevada corporation (the Company) and (the Site), which is the creator and controller of the the Site and all of the information, products, services, processes and content contained within the Site or related to the Site. BY ACCESSING, USING, OR CONTINUING TO USE THE SITE, USER UNDERSTANDS, ACKNOWLEDGES AND EXPRESSLY AGREES TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS USER AGREEMENT, AS SET FORTH BELOW, AND ANY NEW OR MODIFIED TERMS. IF USER DOES NOT UNDERSTAND, ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT, USER MAY NOT USE THE SITE. THE RIGHT TO USE THE SITE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT IS PERSONAL AND CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO ANY OTHER PERSON OR ENTITY. AS THIS IS A LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT, PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY.

Summary Of Terms Of Use

  • Acceptance of Terms. By accessing, using or continuing to use the Site, the User understands, acknowledges and expressly agrees to be bound by the Agreement, which may be modified from time to time without notice to the User. The User may view the most recent version of the Agreement here at any time. The User shall not access or use the Site unless the User understands, acknowledges and expressly agrees to the terms of the Agreement.
  • User Acceptance. The User hereby understands, acknowledges and agrees that the Company shall collect, use, disclose or otherwise handle information obtained in connection with the User's access to or use of the Site in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  • Description of, Access To and Use of the Site; The Site is intended to provide customers of Ramac Industries with a comprehensive ordering system and to create an environment where users can access, post and retrieve information and share ideas related to the repair and service of automobiles. Regardless of the information provided in the Site, the User shall consult and consider all available factory repair manuals, compact disks, and any other available resources before attempting to perform repairs recommended in or through the Site. The Company is not responsible for any errors and does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained in the Site.
  • Age Of User The User certifies that the User is at least eighteen years of age and is a customer in good standing in accordance with the Company's customer guidlines.
  • Payment The User is responsible for the prompt payment of all merchadise ordered.
  • Additional Fees and Charges Unless otherwise agreed upon, the User is responsible for all handling, freight charges, COD or late fees and charges.
  • Intellectual Property Rights The Company retains any Rights in Information Submitted or Posted to the Site .
  • Passwords And LogIn Rights The User agrees to not share their login, passwords or any other access to the Site with any unauthorized 3rd party users.
  • Violation Of Terms Violation of any terms of use will result in immediate expulsion from the Site.
  • User Responsibilities The User will be responsible for any damages incurred from the violation of the Agreement, and the User will be responsible for all attorney's fees and damages.

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